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  • Newark Whole Foods Opens Today and Here is Where You Can Park

    We've put together a list of places you can park while visiting the Newark Whole Foods: 

  • NPA 2nd Annual Toy Drive

    The Newark Parking Authority is excited to announce that our 2nd Annual Toy Drive was a great success! NPA donated toys to the boys and girls at the local Newark charity, St. Rocco's, which is located on south 7th street. 

    St. Rocco's offers emergency services such as meals and shelter to women and children in need. NPA Parking Enforcement Officers and staff delivered the toys to the children who currently reside at the shelter. The toys were donated entirely by NPA board of commissioners and staff members. 

    St. Rocco's Director, Ms. Swaray, and their residential aide, Ms. Hill, joyfully accepted our holiday donations. The look on the children's faces was the greatest gift NPA could have received. 

  • Our Annual Moratorium

    Our annual moratorium period will begin on the following dates listed in the below photo.

    During the below dates metered parking spaces will be FREE, on the behalf of the Newark Parking Authority and there will be no enforcement from our officers. 

  • New Less Expensive Event Parking

    The Newark Parking Authority is optimizing event parking in the downtown area. 

    We have recently installed 12 new cutting edge, solar powered, Parkeon meters surrounding the Prudential Center; with more to come near Symphony Hall and NJPAC. With the addition of these new meters we can now offer event parking rates to patrons looking for a place to park during events taking place at the Prudential Center, NJPAC or Symphony Hall.

    These event parking rates will offer a great alternative to the usual parking lot and parking garage options. Customers will have the convenience of paying by credit card only.

    Listed below are some of the advantages:

    • Less expensive than the surrounding parking lots and garages
    • Close proximity to the venue (Prudential Center, Symphony Hall, & NJPAC)
    • Nearly effortless new meter technology with the new 'pay by plate' Parkeons
    • Quicker and easier to exit because it eliminates the congestion of a garage or lot
    • Quick and easy credit/debit card pay

    The streets that are currently being occupied or will be in the near future with event parking meters are listed below:

    • Mulberry Street both sides between Raymond Blvd and Market Street
    • Market Street both sides between Mulberry and Broad Street
    • Green Street both sides between Mulberry and Liberty Street
    • Broad Street, west side between Branford Place and William Street
    • Broad Street both sides between Lafayette Street and Lincoln Park 

    According to the ordinance 23:7-16 event parking is permitted in the listed above areas between the hours of 6:00pm-12:00am (midnight) during special events. The event days may possibly include Monday-Sunday and/or major holidays (depending on the venue's schedule of events) If there is an event occurring at the Prudential Center, NJPAC, or Symphony Hall then event parking rates will be charged in the above listed locations.

    The addition of event parking will offer optimized parking options for event goers patronizing in the city of Newark. When event parking rates are being enforced there will be signs posted for the ease of drivers. These signs will inform drivers where event parking rates will be enforced. This new initiative has proven to be efficient, less expensive, and highly effective during our trial run. The Newark Parking Authority is preparing to better serve the Newark community and is beginning by offering less expensive parking rates during events. 


  • NPA Donates Water to a Newark Public School

    For the past 2 weeks NPA employees has been collecting donated money from its' staff, in an effort to help the Newark Public Schools. Our staff used the money donated to purchase cases of Poland Spring bottled water. This water was donated in an effort to keep our schools safe and the kids in our community safe and free from lead contaminated water. 

    With the money donated we were able to purchased 34 cases of water from Shop Rite and delivered them directly to Cleveland Elementary school. There were 30 Newark Public schools reported to having lead contamination in their tap water.


    Look at the photos below of the purchasing and delivery process of the water

    Our NPA Maintenance Angelo Murray helping to transfer the water into the schoolThe water being loaded The water being loaded Brigido and Angelo packing in the water to purchase for donation — at ShopRite of Newark - NPA maintenance Officers unloading the water at Cleveland Elementary School — at Cleveland Elementary School.Cleveland Elementary employee Sumayya Wright photographed with NPA officers Torah Brown and Brigido — with Newark Parking.NPA maintenance officers packing the water in the pickup truck — at ShopRite of Newark - Springfield Ave. Marketplace.NPA maintenance officers packing the water in the pickup truck — at ShopRite of Newark - Springfield Ave. Marketplace.Cleveland Elementary employee Sumayya Wright photographed with NPA officers Torah Brown Michael Austin and Brigido — with Newark Parking at Cleveland Elementary School.The water being loaded — at ShopRite of Newark - Springfield Ave. Marketplace.

  • Alternate Side Parking is Resumed!

     Parking enforcement has resumed as usual. Please continue to check our websites for updates. 

  • Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays from the Newark Parking Authority! Starting today December 14th, 2015 All parking meters city wide will be bagged for the holiday season. You can enjoy free parking around the city until Jan 2nd 2016 when meter enforcement will go back into effect. Happy Holidays! 

  • New Parking Meters on Broadway

    On Friday November 13th 2015 the Newark Parking Authority installed 10 Parkeon meters on Broadway. These 10 new meters will allow you to pay your parking meters using license plate recognition technology. You can also adjust the language to your preference ranging from spanish to portuguese to english and etc. You will be able to use these meters in just 2 short weeks, to pay for parking in that area. 


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